For many reasons, 2014 was the last year for this event in Vancouver. Beyond the economy, and the Daytona races going to the dogs, and no venue support from the Shark Club, the travel had become a curse!

I am proud of what my friends and I had accomplished. Over $131,000 donated to BCCH Oncology to helps kids battling cancer, and their families. And NO ADMIN FEES! What an incredible group of sponsors I had over the 15 years. That was another reason to put the event to bed. I had leaned on certain motorcycle shops for prizes 15 times, good prizes, and I thought they deserved a break ;-) Look down the lists of the supporters over the years, and you will see a list of quality people, good people, many of them my friends.

For 2015, instead of retiring, I started a similar event in Kelowna! A few twists, besides the new location. There are 4 shavees, it's not a motorcycle theme, and we are sharing half of the proceeds with the Kelowna General Hospital Foundation.

You meet the nicest people when you volunteer ;-)